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Web Application Testing

Web application penetration testing is designed to give you a view of any potential vulnerabilities that may exist on your web site, or various web applications that your organization may be using, or allowing your customers to use.

Even though you may have designed your network with security in mind, your web applications could still be vulnerable to attack, and may be putting your employee or customer data at risk.

Recent studies have shown that most large security breaches have occurred via insecure web applications, and have lead to a loss of either customer or employee data, and ultimately loss of revenue and reputation.

At IT Security Geeks we aim to give you a view of the vulnerabilities that your web application may be vulnerable to, and any entry points that attackers could use to gain access to your most valuable asset, you data.

IT Security Geeks follow the OWASP Testing Guide, which is the industry standard for web application security. All our tests give you the best possible view of the security status of your web applications. We work across all levels of your organization to make sure that all the relevant people understand exactly what the vulnerabilities are and how they affect your organization.

Some of the more common vulnerabilities that we will test for are Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection (SQLi), Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF), XPATH injection, Authentication and Authorization vulnerabilities.