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Wireless Network Testing

Did you know that one of the biggest credit card data breaches in history occurred due to an insecure wireless network? Did you know that using wireless protection mechanisms such as WEP or WPA are no longer secure, (and can be easily compromised)?

Did you know that without proper security around your wireless network, it’s possible for other users connected to your wireless network to see all the data that is traversing that network?

Are you aware of the fact that if your wireless network is linked to you corporate or production networks without adequate security, and attacker could gain access to any data stored on those networks?

At IT Security Geeks, all our penetration testers are certified in the latest wireless hacking techniques, to give you the best piece of mind about your wireless network security.  We’re here to show you the vulnerabilities before they get exploited, so that you can protect your digital assets, and continue to build a strong reputation for your organization, or maintain regulatory compliance.