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About Us

The team at ITSG have over 30 years security experience, and have worked in various industry sectors throughout the years. These sectors range from worldwide financial organizations, some of the worlds largest cellular telephone service providers, software development houses, manufacturing, to doing assessment work for charities.

During this time we have gained a wealth of experience on how to better assist our clients in securing their assets, while keeping their business moving forward at the rapid pace they require.

We realize that unless we stay ahead of the threats and thoroughly understand how to protect against the ever changing threat landscape,  we will be left behind. This is why we believe in keeping our consultants fully trained on current  and future security technologies and methodologies. We encourage all our consultants to perform their own security research, and to present at conferences.

As a company we hold a plethora of industry certifications, and all our consultants are required to complete comprehensive security training before performing any client work.

Our motto, “We Live Security” is a way of life for the team at ITSG. We enjoy the finer details of complexity that security presents us with on a daily basis.