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Firewall Reviews

It is common knowledge that most organizations will have one or more firewalls deployed across their estate to protect their digital assets from harm. The problem comes however when you have firewalls whose rule sets are not correctly documented, and hundreds of rules that you no longer know whether they are in use or not, or worse if they are even required anymore.

IT Security Geeks have team members that are certified in firewall technologies and are able to help you make sense of your current firewall rule sets, and offer advice on the best way to be allowing access to your most critical systems.

We are also able to review firewalls for PCI DSS compliance, and help you to rectify any issues that may lead to a security compromise.

Firewalls, like any other software need to be kept up to date, and managed under a strict change management program for maximum security. If you don’t have the in-house staff to perform these duties that’s not a problem, we are able to review your firewalls and produce a set of documentation and train your employees on the industry best standards. So that moving forward, you will have the knowledge that your firewalls are doing what they are supposed to be doing, and in the most secure and efficient manner.